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Friends Only


This livejournal is friends only.
May contain adult concepts - just so you know!
If you want to be added, please comment, saying how you found me,
so I know you aren't a spammer or James Bond.


But, what if I am James Bond? Will I not be added? What if I'm one of the good James Bonds? ;)

I added ya sweetie, so be on the lookout! =)

LOL James Bond.

Daniel Craig!Bond is nasty. I want the old Pierce Brosnan!Bond back D: D:
I am rather offended by your flat-out rejection of James Bond. Curse you!
your my first reply in ontd_oympics, your always own that moment! how can i not add you as a friend!
hey i just wanna say i enjoy the stuff you post on ontd olympics plz add me
Hi, I totally was looking at my user info today, and I JUST NOW noticed that you friended me. I don't mind (and you love Jonathan Horton ;D ) so I'm just leaving a heads up saying I'm going to friend you back, lol. :D
Saw your comment over at the bsg comm and I couldn't resist friending someone who's into bsg and gymnastics. Friends?
Of course :D added!
We share a love of baseball, which is awesome, so I was going to add you anyway, but your Jonathan Horton banner in your info completely sealed the deal. LOVE HIM. ♥

So .. friends? :D
First Jonathan Horton/Baseball fan I know. other than myself lol.
OKAY! Uh, you like Grady Sizemore. Is that enough? *Adds!* ;P

Add me back? :)

Hello, it's ivebeenburgled!
Found you from a Mad Men community, but have no baseball ppls on my friends list. That's at least two things we have in common, so add please? ☺
Added :D
I love baseball and Apolo... and we have a couple of the same LJ friends.

Friends? :)
Yes :D and that is awesome so glad ot meet you. Friend added!
Hi :D I only add journals that are pretty active, no offense to you :D I am thankful that you found me but I am a big commenter and writer and reader, so I prefer well established and updated journals to add to my friend list.
My apologies!! I I still want to be friends with you :D I shall friend back now!
I added you as a friend because I saw we had a few things in common; Pirates of the Caribbean, Photoshop and Rafael Nadal <3 I will confess that Rafael Nadal is my obsession in life hehe. He is...everything.
My name is Ashleigh, I am 19 years old and I am from Australia. Other interests of mine include Merlin and Supernatural. I found you through friends, of friends, of friends...etc. I get bored sometimes :P
Thanks for reading,

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